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Adam Pollina is a world-renowned artist, illustrator and fashion designer. He is best known for his work as a Marvel comic book artist who pencilled the X-Men reboot: X-Force.



Adam Pollina was developing highly complex illustrations built around a mythical story he had written of a centaur warrior called Juun Saarah. Although there was a completed text narrative, there was limited structure around how to present the visual side of this work. Adam wanted help to capture his vision and showcase these magnificent illustrations, giving life to his story.



BoomBoom worked with Adam to structure his story into digestible chapters, and used this format to present each illustration while taking the viewer through this epic journey and into Adam’s mind. The final product was a high-gloss 15x10in Lookbook that had multiple commercial uses:

- a curated portfolio of Adam’s latest collection of artwork,

- a catalogue of prints that could be applied to enhance other handicrafts.

- It was also ultimately realized in Adam’s own fashion designs later.


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